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Investing in entrepreneurs across the lifecycle of their businesses who are tackling big problems and shaking up industries

g2 was founded in 2011 with the fundamental belief that venture backed companies were staying private longer. As a result, firms would need both transitional capital, helping to provide liquidity to early shareholders, ex-employees, current employees, etc. and primary capital to continue their growth trajectory.

Since then, we’ve made it our mission to invest in companies challenging the status quo and shaking up industries like Alibaba, Coursera, Dropbox, Enjoy Technologies, Instacart, Lyft, Palantir, Pinterest, Postmates, SpaceX, Spotify, Twitter and Uber. We partner with world-class entrepreneurs tackling big problems by investing in businesses throughout their life cycle as performance is strong—a fundamentally different approach than the classical early-, mid-, or late-stage venture capital firms.

Focusing on Cloud Computing and Big Data, Marketplaces, Mobility 2.0, New Age Media, Social Mobile, and Sustainability, we are defined by the extensive business experience of our partners, as well as the domain expertise of our investors and strategic advisors. We provide a suite of broad services to our portfolio companies to help them continue on their mission to redefine industry, ensuring management teams can focus on what they do best. We invest in entrepreneurs who “do things differently” and fundamentally pride ourselves on bringing a unique mindset to the growth economy.

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g2, which stands for Global Growth, is headquartered in San Francisco, with additional offices in Chicago and Greenwich, CT, as well as Mexico City and Zurich.

g2 is globally positioned to invest in truly global leaders before they become global.

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