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Parallel Wireless is leading the OpenRAN movement with the world’s first 5G/4G/3G/2G cloud-native OpenRAN architecture that is open, standardized, and interoperable across five key domains – RAN, Edge, Core, Orchestration and Analytics.

Through open collaboration with OpenRAN ecosystem partners, Parallel Wireless has created a world first and largest fully-compliant OpenRAN ecosystem that is capable of delivering the next generation of wireless infrastructure at dramatically lower cost, ensuring more equal access to 5G across the globe.

Its OpenRAN portfolio is designed to help customers modernize their networks, reduce deployment cost and complexity, increase operational efficiency, find new revenue streams, and start deploying multi-vendor 5G networks today.

Parallel Wireless customers include over 60 global mobile operators, as well as private and public industries and governments that are all using its software-defined network portfolio to reimagine their networks and get ready for 5G.